All year round, you do your best to teach your kids the right way to behave.  And ninety percent of the time, they do great. The other ten percent… well; they're trying. And in those moments when life seems like a struggle, at least you know you can rely on your technology to set them a great example. We're not kidding – just check out these admirable qualities, and click the links for more information.

1: It helps around the house without being told.

2: If you do need to tell it, you only have to tell it once.

3: If something's wrong, it tells you right away.

4: Even if you left an exciting, forbidden cupboard open.

5: It always communicates well, and it always tells the truth

6: And if there's an emergency, it always does the smart thing

7: It shares

8: It never opens the door to strangers

9: It's very careful with water, and it's smart around electrical outlets

10: It doesn't even make a mess on your walls

11: It gives you a great night's sleep, and in the morning, it helps you if you're running late.

12:  It'll even remind you if you leave home without closing the garage

13: On family trips, it travels well.

14: On weekends, it helps Dad relax by not cooling the neighborhood with your AC. (It knows about energy bills already.)

15: It doesn't cramp big brother's style, and it helps keep an eye on the younger kids

16: It's great with ;your pets

17: And it even helps you with the new arrivalIf you'd like for your home, call Ruswin today on 07 4743 4917, email us at or live chat us between 8am - 5pm.

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