Review the list below and ensure your home is safe & secure when you go out.

* Most break-ins result from poor security; or windows or doors left UNLOCKED!

* Dead Lock all outside doors.

* Leave inside doors open to allow alarm sensors to do their job.

* Key lock all windows.

* Place all pets outside.

* Turn off stove and heater. 

* Turn the telephone answering machine on . (they won’t know if you’re home or not)

* Leave a radio on inside the house, on a talk station if possible.

* Leave a light on inside….. or …. fit a timer switch and have the lights and radio come on and go off now and again. ( to make it appear as if someone is home)

* Turn ON the alarm but don’t share the code with anyone.

* Dead-lock the front security door.

* Don’t leave notes on the door telling everyone when you will be home.

* Dont leave a spare key out

More Security & Safety Tips

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