Pre-Employment Screening & Vetting – Know Who You’re Hiring

Are you committed to protecting your business?

Pre-employment screening and vetting with a National Police History Check helps to protect your business and provide you with peace of mind when hiring employees. As an accredited ACIC Broker in Queensland, Ruswin can provide Australian National Police History Checks to companies, businesses, and individuals, so you can know who you’re hiring. Click here to Fast Police Checks – 100% online

Fast Turnaround

Nearly 70% of police check results are received within one business day. A further 29% of results are received within 10 business days. That means that when you need information and reassurance about your current or future employees, you can get it – fast.

Police History Checks for Job Seekers

National Police History Checks aren’t just useful for pre-employment screening. As a job seeker, a police check gives your resume a professional edge, especially if you are applying for a position of trust where you will be handling cash, working unsupervised, or working with vulnerable individuals, such as in aged care.

Invest in Your Future

Pre-employment screening and vetting shouldn’t be seen as a business expense. Instead, vetting is a business investment that helps to protect your business.

If you would like to know who you’re hiring, contact Ruswin today on 1300 787 946 or visit us at our Townsville, Rockhampton, or Mt Isa offices.

We look forward to helping you make educated decisions with the information provided by an Australian National Police History Check.


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