Commercial Security Solutions – Tailored Solutions to Protect Your Business and Assets

As comprehensive security system providers, Ruswin provide commercial security solutions for businesses across north, north-west, and central Queensland.

Our current commercial clients include both government and private enterprises such as:

  • Mount Isa Mines
  • BMA Blackwater
  • MMG  Dugald River
  • Newlands Coal
  • James Cook University
  • Discovery Park Mount Isa
  • Rockhampton Regional Council
  • Gladstone Port Corporation
  • Rockhampton Hospital
  • Lavarack Barracks
  • Verde Townsville
  • Kestral Coal
  • QLD Health North West

For each of our clients, we have designed tailored security solutions to protect their businesses and assets. We can do the same for you.

Comprehensive Security Solutions

Thanks to our broad and specialised knowledge of mechanical, electronic, and vetting security, Ruswin can offer you comprehensive security solutions to suit your timeframe and budget. Our services are provided to you via one contact and one account, saving you time and hassle. We can assist you with all the following services, each tailored to best protect your interests:

Integrated and Stand-Alone Services

Ruswin can provide your business with one-off, stand-alone products and services. Or, we can design integrated commercial security solutions for your premises so you can enjoy enhanced security and peace of mind. The choice is yours.

Invest in Security

Are your business and assets adequately protected?

Invest in an appropriate commercial security solution today. Call Ruswin on 1300 787 946 or send us an email.


We take the worry out of protecting what is
valuable to you.