Comprehensive Security – Townsville, Rockhampton, Mt Isa

Are you confident that your home, business, or investment property is secure?

Ruswin can advise on and provide the right products and services to ensure that you can enjoy complete peace of mind, knowing that your security needs are taken care of. We don’t just do locks or just do perimeter security – instead, we can offer a full and comprehensive security solution to suit your property. 

Locks, Padlocks, and More

It may be the twenty-first century, but locks still play an integral role in security.

As your comprehensive security systems provider, Ruswin can replace, install, and rekey door and window locks, provide or rekey padlocks, install Restricted Master Key Systems, and provide security chains and other locksmithing and car locksmithing services. For your convenience, we maintain key and combination records so we can help you in the event of being locked out of your premises. 

Electronic Security Products and Services

In some situations, quality locks form only one piece of the security puzzle.

Ruswin install, maintain, and repair electronic perimeter security products such as power fencing, gates, and turnstiles for commercial properties of all shapes and sizes, including mines and other large, secured facilities. We can also provide you with security management systems, including access control, biometrics, alarms management, and control room monitoring.

Click the links to learn more about our perimeter protection and commercial security services. 

Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras allow you to keep an eye on things when you’re absent from your home or business. They’re a proven method for deterring crime, and a sensible investment in prevention, detection, and peace of mind. You can learn more about our surveillance camera installation services here.

Standalone or Integrated Products and Services

Every person and every business’s security needs are different, and so Ruswin offers flexible security services. We can provide you with stand-alone products and services, or help you integrate several products for operation via a single system management platform. The choice is yours. 

Minimise Risk and Invest in Peace of Mind

Our Rockhampton, Mt Isa, and Townsville security specialists will help you identify the right steps and products for minimising the risk of security breaches at your home, business, or investment property.

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