Isolation Locks – Keeping You Safe

Ruswin’s Australian-made isolation locks and lockout kits are designed to keep you and your team safe. Crafted to adhere to the strictest electrical safety standards, each lock and lockout system we create is tailored to suit your specific facility. Designed in-house and manufactured locally, they’re generally available within 10 days of ordering.

Restricted Key Systems

When you choose a Ruswin isolation lock, you can be confident you’re choosing locks that adhere to Australian isolation padlock standards. Our restricted key systems prevent unauthorised keys being cut, and we maintain a register of all your locks, serial numbers, and keys. New keys can only be produced with company-nominated authorisation, and we can provide key and lock reports for auditing. 


Our high quality isolation locks come in a choice of eight colours, with 20 key head colours to help ensure they’re instantly recognisable. We can also personalise them further with engraving on both sides of each padlock.

Unlike sticker labels, engravings don’t fade and cannot be removed. Your lock’s engravings can be personalised with your company name, staff member’s details, or anything else. There’s space for 3 lines of text on both sides of your isolation locks, and each line can be up to 14 characters in length. 

Lost Key Replacement

Thanks to Ruswin’s restricted key system, your isolation lock keys cannot be duplicated without proper authorisation. However, if a key is lost or destroyed, you don’t need to throw away your locks or lock set. Instead, we can send a new key to you the next day. Alternatively, if you prefer, your isolation locks can be re-keyed for reuse.

Stay Safe

With high quality isolation locks, you can keep yourself and your team safe. Order new custom isolation locks from Ruswin today. Call us on 1300 787 946 or send us a message. We look forward to helping you stay safe. 


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