Electronic Key Safes and Key Cabinets – Protect Your Keys, Protect Your Premises

An electronic key safe (also known as a key cabinet) is a safe that’s specifically designed to protect your keys.

Thanks to the electronic component in an electronic key safe, your keys can only be accessed via a computer-run electronic access control system. These control processes are more secure than their mechanical counterparts, and allow you to accurately track who accesses and returns your keys, and when.

Why Electronic Key Safes?

Electronic key safes provide several major security benefits. In particular, they allow you to:

  • Know when keys are accessed and returned
  • Know who has accessed keys (and the company assets they secure)
  • Control who can access each key (and the company asset the key secures)
  • Prevent unauthorised access to assets and areas

These key cabinets are particularly popular on mining, government, and military sites. However, they are also suitable for any business that wishes to control access to their keys and company assets. An electronic key safe provides a complete record and audit trail of access to the premises and assets, adding additional security and certainty.

Protect Your Keys

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Other Security Services

Key cabinets are just one of our security service offerings. As a comprehensive security systems provider, Ruswin also offers locksmithing, alarm monitoring, perimeter protection, and other commercial services and products. 


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