Whether it is for work or uni, taking the kids to school, or for social activities, most of us rely on our cars. Having a car stolen can be stressful, inconvenient and costly.

The advanced immobiliser systems now fitted to new vehicles have helped to significantly reduce theft volumes. But no matter how sophisticated these systems are, if a thief can get their hands on your keys and transponder your car could be gone long before you realise these items are even missing.

Across Australia, thieves are increasingly breaking into homes to steal the keys of ‘secure’ vehicles. Last year 70 per cent of late model cars were stolen with the keys. Some offenders are even entering occupied premises through unlocked doors and windows.

The good news is by following a few simple steps to safeguard your keys you can greatly reduce your risks.

* Home doors are fiited with deadlock

* Windows have screens and window locks

* Screen doors fitted with a screen shield

* Home safe to secure your car keys

* CCTV and monitored home alarm

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