Have a careful look at the outside of your home, at the doors and windows.

Your outside doors should be fitted with dead-locks. There are dead-locks for a wide range of doors, from solid front doors to glass-sliding patio doors. Make sure that the locks conform with an Australian ‘AS’ standard. Ruswin can advise you on the types of locks and key them alike so that you don’t have to have too many different keys. These locks should only be ‘dead-locked’ (unable to open from inside as well as outside) when you are NOT home, for safety in case your need to exit quickly.

Windows are a favourite entry point for burglars, but they don’t like to take too long or make much noise. To make it as difficult as possible for them, fit keyed locks to ALL windows, even if you have a lock fitted. The type of lock depends on the type of window and again Ruswin can advise you and key them alike. If you have sliding aluminium windows or doors check for free play and if there is some, fit some screws so that the window or door cannot be lifted out of its tracks. A self-tapping screw fitted above the door or window will prevent that door or window from being lifted up and then out.

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